Nonwoven fabric cut for third parties

Effe4 has almost 30 years of specialised experience in the industry, offering a professional service cutting nonwoven fabric on behalf of third parties for creating industrial and medical/health-related products.

  • Effe4 implements the nonwoven fabric cutting service for third parties
    Effe4, a leading nonwoven fabric processing and marketing company in Europe, and rapidly expanding in North America, South America and Asia, is working to implement its offer.

    The expertise and great amount of experience accumulated in almost 30 years of activity in the textile sector, along with the technology applied to processing, and the progressive determination to automate production processes have allowed the company to expand its horizons.

    For many years now we have been involved in the production, sale, and recovery of spunlace nonwoven fabrics, offering our customers professional and reliable service. We distribute our products, which are used in the hygiene, cosmetic, and medical fields, in over 25 countries throughout the world.Now, Effe4 has decided to implement cutting of nonwoven fabric for third parties to its already long list of services.
    Oggi Effe4 ha deciso di implementare tra i suoi già numerosi servizi anche quello di quello di taglio conto terzi di tessuto non tessuto.


What is nonwoven fabric?

Non-woven fabric has a flat textile structure, similar to fabric, but it is not produced through weaving and knitting. The fibres that make up the nonwoven fabric, which may be polyester or viscose, do not have a warp and weft but are held together by mechanical, chemical, or thermal bonding processes. For these reasons, nonwoven fabrics fall under a particular category of products that do not include spinning in their manufacturing cycle.

When was this type of product first created?

The keystone of the creation and success of this particular product lies in its market price.
In fact, it was the need to find an economic alternative to traditional textile fabrics and reduce the excessive production costs that prompted the laboratory research which, in the 1930s, then led to the first modern non-woven fabrics.
The procedure for obtaining textile fabrics is not only laborious, but also rather costly. The success of nonwoven fabric lies mainly in the absence of spinning and weaving in the production process, which has allowed the possibility to have a low cost product that is both revolutionary and versatile.

What are the primary characteristics of nonwoven fabric?

Nonwoven fabric has high intrinsic potential, allowing the creation of extremely functional products. Nonwoven fabric is primarily used for disposable items such as medical products, bandages, wound dressings, or cleaning materials. This is because this material is water repellent, temperature resistant, and smooth to the touch, which makes it soft during use.
The special processing, which calls for the fusion of the polymer used to make it followed by piercing and pressing, also leads to a spunlace nonwoven fabric, which is even softer and thinner.



Due to its singular nature, nonwoven fabric is continuously evolving and is still highly appreciated.

But what are its main areas of application?

Industrial uses are the most common, but also among the most varied.

Nonwoven fabric is used in the clothing and footwear sector for creating clothing straps and internal shoe padding. But also and especially for medical clothing, where it is used for sterile surgical gowns and cloths for creating the operating field, as well as surgical masks, caps, and shoe covers.

It is also widely used for making packaging, abrasive tools, and many objects that are used on a daily basis such as sacks, small and large bags for shopping, newspapers, and various materials.

There are also many uses in the agricultural sector, especially in organic farming, where the non-woven fabric is used to make protective sheets in greenhouses and for mulching operations, as it is not permeable to sunlight and perfect to inhibit the growth of weeds and therefore to protect plantations, crops, and floriculture from bad weather and external agents.

Nonwoven fabric can also be found in construction and residential and contract furnishing where it is used to cover or set up ceilings and false ceilings; in certain wallpapers; and in sofas, armchairs, chairs, and other furnishing accessories that often contain it in some of their parts.

It has also made an important contribution to the field of accident prevention for the creation of protective and dustproof masks.

What was nonwoven fabric used for during the Covid-19 pandemic?

With the outbreak and spread of the Covid-19 epidemic in early 2020, nonwoven fabric, already used in the manufacture of clothing and medical equipment, was widely used in the large-scale production of masks to meet the growing market demand.

Nonwoven fabric masks, thanks to the high sealing capacity between 96% and 100% against the aerosol droplets that spread the virus, were and still are massively used for both civil and medical use.
Market leader, industry specialists

We manufacture, process,
and sell Nonwoven Fabric.
For almost 30 years.

Since 1993, Effe 4 is the European leader in processing and marketing nonwoven fabric.

LContinuous research and technological innovation in processing, combined with the progressive automation of the manufacturing processes and the great experience accumulated in almost 30 years of activity in the textile sector, have made Effe 4 a highly specialised company in this market segment.

When did this success story begin?

After years of activity in the household goods sector, the company’s founder fully entered the world of nonwoven fabrics by purchasing an entire finishing department from a company producing needled nonwoven fabrics and starting to work as a subcontractor.
After years of activity in the household goods sector, the company’s founder fully entered the world of nonwoven fabrics by purchasing an entire finishing department from a company producing needled nonwoven fabrics and starting to work as a subcontractor.

How did the activity evolve over the decades?

The company has grown at the same pace over time as the exponential increase in the potential of nonwoven fabrics, increasingly specialising in the marketing of spunlace, in particular in unsold lots and downgraded materials.

In the current facility with over 7000 square metres, Effe 4 is involved in the processing and sale of nonwoven fabrics in rolls and bales, as well as the production of material for the realization of mops. Our company specializes in the processing and marketing of non-woven fabric for industrial, professional, hygienic, sanitary, and cosmetic use.

Our top products are spunlace rolls and bales. We also office an efficient third-party spooling service. We can produce rolls from 25 mm to 2500 mm according to the measurements requested by our customers.

Effe4 is also one of the most important companies in the recovery of spunlace fabrics in Europe. We are experts in the transformation of materials that are not top grade, spunlace scraps, overproductions, and unsold lots.

Thanks to the regular supply of trimmings, Effe4 also sells materials for manufacturing mops. We also are the only company to subject all materials intended for the production of mops to a drying process. This allows us to guarantee our customers a quality product with a very low, and especially constant, degree of humidity.

Why choose Effe4?

The constant attention and careful selection of raw materials from all over the world makes Effe 4 products unique. Thanks to close collaborative relationships with leading spunlace and nonwoven fabric manufacturers throughout the world, Effe4 can acquire overproductions and second choice material stock, as well as waste and trimmings. This ensures that our customers always find what they are looking for extremely quickly, because we always have large quantities of material available.

Effe4 is also able to guarantee the distribution of its products not only in Europe, but also in over 25 countries throughout the world. In recent years, our company is undergoing vigorous expansion in North America, South America, and Asia.

We offer a comprehensive service: guaranteeing a global presence with professional delivery organised with our own vehicles. In this way we are able to ensure precise and punctual deliveries as well as the integrity of products that are handled only by specialised labourers.

We have developed a complete service ranging from picking up at the customer's premises, to processing, custom packaging, storage in our warehouse, and return, if necessary.

Our punctuality and precision are the reason why our customers continue to renew their trust in us year after year.
New cutting service for our customers

Nonwoven fabric cut for third parties
Over the years, companies specialising in the production of nonwoven fabrics have increasingly innovated, pursuing the primary objective of combining production speed and quality with cost containment in order to remain competitive on the market. For these reasons, nonwoven fabrics are increasingly supplied in very large and cumbersome rolls.

In fact, there is no service specifically addressed to companies that have different needs from those of big industries, and that create special or niche products.
It is in light of this need that Effe4 decided to implement the service of cutting of industrial rolls and nonwoven fabric – in order to meet the needs of all those companies that, while finding valid products on the market, have great difficulty in using them because they would like greater customisation in terms of size.

Effe4’s innovative fleet of machinery for implementing the nonwoven fabric cutting service for third parties allows us to easily cut rolls of nonwoven fabric, whether spunlace, spunbond, thermobond, airthrough bonded, SM, SMS, or meltblown.

The nonwoven fabric cutting service for third parties is ideal for all companies that sell disposable products in the industrial, medical, and sanitary industries.

This new service has an enormous potential for use in the manufacture of personal protective equipment. The nonwoven fabric cutting and spooling service for third parties allows Effe4 to prepare the raw materials for the production of surgical mask filters and for the production of nonwoven fabric masks.

The high hygiene and safety standards guaranteed by the Effe4 production department allows us to guarantee our customers impeccable quality.


Global Presence

Effe4 in over 25 countries
Effe4 successfully combines the local and the global.

Over the year we have expanded our business, conquering overseas markets and reaching the United States, Canada, North Africa, and Asia.

We regularly ship overseas. GThanks to our close cooperation with some of the major shipping companies, we can take advantage of competitive rates for shipping containers by sea. We also have a container loading ramp, which allows us to take full advantage of the available volume by reducing transport costs, without having to charge customers additional costs.

Converting for third parties

We convert nonwoven fabric for third parties. Thanks to the experience gained in the industry in almost 30 years of business, we can offer our customers an excellent spooling service. In fact, our equipment allows us to quickly transform large quantities of materials, up to 1,000,000 square metres of material per day. But at the same time, we are also able to adapt to the frequent measurement and material changes imposed by small batches.

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Other services

Customers throughout the world Professionalism, quality, and adaptation have made Effe4 the leader in the nonwoven market segment.

Both small companies and leading international nonwoven fabric manufacturers have chosen our services. We have customers all over the world.

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